Iconized (Icon Only) Taskbar for Cinnamon

  9 years ago

I'd like to switch from Kubuntu to Linux Mint + Cinnamon. However, there's one thing I really miss in Cinnamon. In KDE 4.8 I can use the 'icon-tasks' plasmoid, which functions like the Windows 7 iconized taskbar. I'd love to see such function in Cinnamon as well. At least, it should be an option to have a icon-only taskbar.
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Fonzie 7 months ago

I know this thread is old (so, sorry for the necro-posting), but this still shows up as one of the first search results so I wanted to add this for the future visitors:

You can now right-click the default Cinnamon Menu icon in the panel > Configure > check "Use a custom icon and label" > fill in "Text" or leave it blank based off your preference.
This saves automatically.

quake0 8 years ago

As long as its an option that is not default.

trollboy 9 years ago

Implemented as an applet

chris2006 9 years ago

Thanks a lot for this hint!

raneern99 9 years ago

There's an applet to do this - http://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/16