Bring back red background in windows when using "Nautilus" as Root.

  10 years ago

In Gnome 2.*, when using Nautilus as root the background of the windows would be red. This is very helpful when using multiple windows and need to use one as root. Hope this is going to be again.
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LexMK 10 years ago

You should try to suggest it to Mate developers, since they forked Nautilus to Caja.

MAD-OVERLORD 10 years ago

Wow, rude rejection here, i had the same thing but posted it under BUGS in the launchpad, forgotten to take it to my Collection on my sick Idea that Mint should do its own File Manager, so i directly take yours now, for our Mission to get it back, allright? (I'll just do it now, if not allright comment it!)
I you dont have allready please vote on

viking777 10 years ago

It is a useful feature I agree, but the Mint devs don't write the code for Nautilus so this is not something they influence.