Some improvements for the "Ideas" management in Community

  10 years ago

In my opinion, it is too slow, not responsive, ideas are forgotten too fast and discussed too little. Here are some things I think would improve it:

1) Show not the latest 5 but the latest 20.
2) Show most discussed/voted ideas this week/month.
3) Delete obsolete ideas, like the ones referring to a version not supported anymore or ones about a decision that was already made (i.e. default DE for Mint 12).
4) Add a "Random idea/s" button/list.
5) Use tagging for an easier browsing (i.e. "Drivers", "D.E.", "Community" and so on.).
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Thinker 10 years ago

Brilliant Idea.........

joelz 10 years ago

I agree. there definitely needs to be more ideas on the front page. otherwise I think people are searching through the pages of ideas by category.

ulysses 10 years ago

Latest 20
Most discussed / voted
tagged browsing
Roughly speaking, it is here that already use the search function.

The moderators are going full speed ahead to sort the ideas here. Random selection of ideas, there will be no more then hopefully because they are too few.

When people are searching for individual, specific ideas
then it is not interrested in Linux Mint as a whole. Usually there are personal interests behind it, and it harms the community concept.