Commodore remake games

  10 years ago

Hello all, please create remakes of games shortly Commodore Amiga and Commodore most famous? Pit Stop, Rick Dangerous, Snoopy and other games that today might seem outnumbered, but they have so many fans around the world.
NB Recently I saw a remake of Snoopy on the internet but it installs in Windows EXE file by
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Ok thank's

dagon 10 years ago

Here's another one that's in the repository:

dagon 10 years ago

I want "Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe"!!!

Sorry. You really need to track down the people who has the license for the original versions, game by game, and talk to them.
Basically this won't happen but in a few rare cases.
You can install "Flight of the Amazon Queen" right now!

But you really have to run the games in an emulator.