Include more things with Cinnamon by default

  9 years ago

I think that the mint/Cinnamon devs should include some extensions, applets, and themes from the Cinnamon website in Cinnamon by default. In gnome 2 there were many applets installed by default (the hardware monitor applet, for example).

Edit: I removed the part about my personal preference of included items.
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Lucas_Sichardt 9 years ago

I also thin that some of the applets and extensions should be included with cinnamon. This especially means applets that a big number of people could be interested in. It does not mean that all of them must be activated by default.
Many other desktops do that - see the hardware monitor example by raneern99...

remoulder 9 years ago

Applets are not developed by the mint team in general and it could be difficult to include ones written by outside developers. Also what suits one user does not suit another, so in general I feel it is better to provide a minimal panel including only the standard applets common to all desktops. Users are free to customise as they wish.