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 Easy way to install cinnamon extensions

Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

42 votes

I think that there should be an easy way to install Cinnamon themes, applets, and extensions. I have seen many topics regarding trouble installing applets on the forums. I know that there is bimsebasse's ppa, but even that is kind of hard to do for very inexperienced users. I think that there should be an automated way to install cinnamon applets (similar to with the on/off switch) or there should be a section in, for example, the software manager for cinnamon themes, applets, and extensions.


5 years ago

An installer for themes and extensions/applets should be very helpfull, downloading a .tar and selecting it from the installer so you don't have to use the console.  
5 years ago

I think Gnome 3's way of managing extension should definitely inspire cinnamon's developpers. It is much better in many ways. There is no separate "activate extensions" window with a "get new extensions" link. When opening the extension manager, it goes to the extensions web site. All the extensions are presented there with a toggle switch. There's isn't even a need to install, then activate. You just click it and it installs the extension. Want to deactivate/remove an extension? Open the page and click the switch.  
5 years ago

I think it is better to install applets, etc. from the respective sections of Cinnamon Settings. But the section in the program manager would also be good.  
5 years ago

More GUI and easier handling? Yes!  
5 years ago

@crismblog 's link was a tutorial on how to install them via apt/software manager like regular packages, now 404'd. Should post another link, if you found it. Install them via software manager seems like a good idea for now, until a better tool is made. Cinnamon's PPA should be enabled by default.  
6 years ago

An excellent next step for cinnamon and btw I really like the new desktop. Great work and thanks  
6 years ago

Agreed, like drag-and-drop or "install" from right-click menu when you right click the downloaded theme, applet or extension .  
6 years ago

I too agree. Maybe a pop up appears immediately after fresh installation  
6 years ago

Este o idee buna. It would be nice to be able to make an easy installation.
But to be implemented Clem idea can be made from PPA.

Look here
6 years ago

Ok, thanks
6 years ago

You need not say sorry.
I think we can post ideas/suggestions relating to Cinnamon/MATE to this Ideas Module.

6 years ago

I'm sorry. Where would be an appropriate place to post ideas for it?
6 years ago

Given that cinnamon is a separate project and cross-distro, I don't believe this is the appropriate place to suggest ideas relating to it.  

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