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  9 years ago

A Mint-specific multilingual knowledge base à la Mozilla, searchable according to different criteria like editions, standard aplications, hardware, etc.
Why: Because my experience as a Linux end-user since SuSe 7.3 is that I forget in a few weeks how I did to fix something. Looking again for the solution is a huge waste of time. IMO a knowledge base is a lot faster than Scroogle.
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Rustyp 3 years ago

5 Years ago and nothing,

clizzin 9 years ago

I agree with Hammeh that the Ubuntu wiki is quite comprehensive, but I find that much of the information is disorganised, and sometimes information will be outdated (e.g. lots of Dapper-era instructions still floating around) but the wiki will give no indication of how old the information is. I think Mint has an opportunity to do with documentation what it did with desktop software -- make all that hardware compatibility information more user-friendly, either with a more organised wiki or perhaps a more structured interface.

AgingTechnogeek 9 years ago

I agree with Rovanion and Garda. The Wiki is the right way here. The only problem is the Mint Wiki was still locked the last time I looked.

Hammeh 9 years ago

I agree. Also much of the documentation which is needed to solve problems on Mint can normally be found on the main Ubuntu Wiki which I use quite frequently. To be honest, I don't see the need for the Mint Wiki to hold duplicates of information on the Ubuntu one, just information about Mint specific problems.

Garda 9 years ago

Must say I agree with Rovanion. The Wiki needs constant updating, not a replacement.

Rovanion 9 years ago

A wiki is the form of knowledge base that best suits a community. The already existing Linux Mint Wiki should as of be used.

dawgdoc 9 years ago

I definitely agree. At first I was thinking this doubled the purpose of the forums. But a knowledge base would eliminate all the extraneous, giving only the solutions. Much more efficient than reading through pages of forum comments and hijacked/reopened topics.

RayWoods 9 years ago

Me too! I've been playing with linux since SUSE 10.3 and when I used to find a solution to a problem quickly forgot that solution! (It must be my age and the drugs my doctors got me on!!)

Now I print out the solution and keep it upon a clipboard. Needles to say, this is now becoming a thick stack of paper. To be able to place this information to a searchable database would be a good thing.

Only one thing: Keep It Simple for Stupid people like me! Most Linux websites can be very intimidating and confusing to newbies.