Automatically subscribe to ideas/tutorials when commenting/moderating

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

When I post in an idea/tutorial I would like to subscribe to it by default. There could be a checkbox for this in Account Details.
The same is true for moderation. I want to have the option to automatically subscribe to an idea when I change it's status (yes we usually post a message to motivate a moderation but it's easy to miss this!).

Automatically subscribe to topics you post in [x]
Automatically subscribe to topics you moderate [x]

Easy hack me thinks.
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Thinker 7 years ago

Brilliant Idea

Tonya 7 years ago

Just what I need. Promoting!

sunewbie 7 years ago

so these options can be set in CP like in forums about instant notifications, then it will be left to members to enable this feature or not :)

dagon 7 years ago

Yes. Voting needs automatic subscription. Nice catch, I new I had forgotten something. I wouldn't personally want to be updated on the voting however and don't think it should be on by default but it's the same logic function.
I extend the idea to include:
Automatically subscribe to topics you vote in [x]

sunewbie 7 years ago

well this reminded me to subscribe to all ides I have commented today :)

either automatically subscribe or automatically subscribe when commenting / voting :D

hey @dagon does 'voting' needs automatic subscription?

sunewbie 7 years ago

agree promoting :)

crismblog 7 years ago

Good Idea !! I Promote this Idea.

RayWoods 7 years ago

Saves me from remembering to press the thing! This has my vote!

kazztan0325 7 years ago

I think this setting would be useful.