Update the user guide and add a guide for LMDE

  9 years ago

The Linux Mint user guide is very helpful to new users who need to learn linux. However, the user guide hasn't been updated for Mint 12, which is a release that a lot of users might need help with. Also, there is no user guide for LMDE. I know that LMDE is for more experienced users (although it's getting better for less experienced users), it isn't the main edition, and most of the main edition guide applies (or at least applied before UP 4) to LMDE as well. However, a guide is pretty much always a good thing. The LMDE installer, for instance is more complicated than the normal installer (it requires manual partitioning), and it could be helpful to users who would like to use LMDE but have some trouble with the installer. Also, LMDE gets updated with update packs and with each new update pack a small section could be written in about the known problems and some new features (I know this is all on the blog and/or forum but users who haven't used mint before will probably look at documentation before anything else). Finally, there are some things that should be in an easy to access place that have to do specifically with debian and specifically with the debian edition (how to install the 686-pae kernel, for example).

Edit: I know that Mint 13 is coming out in about a month so maybe instead of updating for Mint 12 just make sure it arrives promptly after mint 13 (if not at the same time as mint 13).
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sunewbie 9 years ago

Glad that you understood my english (w/o any punctuation). wrote in a rush, but thats no reason for excuse ;)

raneern99 9 years ago

@sunewbie , thanks.

sunewbie 9 years ago


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raneern99 9 years ago

@Alexio I am very grateful for these services, and I've been to both these links. What I'm saying is that the Mint team should provide links to guides on the linux mint website. If a new, unexperienced user comes to Linux Mint, he goes to the site and looks for something to help him/her install it and know about it. This person would probably go to documentation. If the documentation is a version old, or it doesn't exist for a version, it isn't good for that user and it isn't good for mint because that user has to do a lot of searching and ends up getting frustrated or ends up finding what he needs but still being upset about the work he had to put into it.

On a completely different topic (off topic), how do you link people's user names?

Alexio 9 years ago

@raneern99 - I maintain the Linux Mint Community Blog and the Linux Mint Community Videos website. On these websites you can find useful information and videos from the Linux Mint community.

sunewbie 9 years ago


this needs to be updated promoting ...

although there is no official wiki for mint 12, there is an unofficial one



raneern99 9 years ago

That's a good guide, although it is a little bit outdated (the gnome release is 201101, and it is for gnome 2.32) and it also isn't included on the mint website so it's harder to find for users. There are a lot of good guides out there, although I've heard from new users that many of them are slightly more advanced and assume that the user knows certain things (like what partitioning is), they aren't updated for each release (again not all, just some), and the good ones aren't always easy to find (a lot of new users don't use google when they have trouble). IMO, most of these problems could be solved if Mint put up a guide on the Linux Mint website (and made sure it was up to date and well written).

Alexio 9 years ago

The Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) User Guide is a Giorgio Beltrammi (aka borgio3) project with a strict Linux Mint Italy Forum collaboration and support. This Guide is released for free use, and without any kind of license.

fleming746 9 years ago

I think this is a great idea as managing lmde can be very different from other systems, especially if a user is not fairly familiar with Linux

RayWoods 9 years ago

The section on partitioning the hard disk should also be expanded for those delving into LMDE for the first time.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

I completely agree with your suggestion.

I think Mint Team should consider "Updating User Guide" is one of important job which accompany releasing new version of Mint.