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Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

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No one seems happy with the anti-virus program available (clam av). I used Avast on windows, and AVG and Avira. They are not open source, but are free for home use.

I have tried to install the Debian file for each and been unsuccesful. Avast installed but corrupted on updating.

Could the Mint developers work with one of these anti-virus developers to have a good package for Mint users to install?


2 years ago

Comodo have Antivirus for Linux

Unfortunately converting the RPM to DEV fails with "the package cannot be built on this system"

Not that I'm advertising, lol, but I've been using Comodo on m$ for years with no problems, I find it is low on resources and very good at protecting. Shame it didn't work eh...

4 years ago

Better virus scanner software for linux-viruses will emerge when linux has achieved a greater marketshare.
Until then it seems reasonable to at least ensure well working av-software for windows-viruses. Collaboration with Avast/AVG/Avira or others might be a good step forward.
5 years ago

An antivirus for LinuxMint is a good question. But it depends on what people wait for such a tool. Avast/Avira/AVG will only allow scans for Win-based problems, and prevents the contamination of WinOS when we share files on these systems. I think that is what Jymm waits for an antivirus. But some people commenting this idea seems to expect a protection of their Linux Mint system with a better antivirus integration. It is a legitimate waiting, but it won't be solved with a better Avast/AVG/avira integration.
So improving integration of such antivirus could have an adversive side-effect: it might give a biased idea that these antivirus will protect the Linux Mint systems. So I demoted this idea.
5 years ago

Why can't we just get the Clam AV scanner to work better?  
6 years ago

I promote and i can't believe that People still believe they're safe anywhere on this goddamn Planet, man you can even be bitten from a Rat or a Black Widow in the Ass whilst your "securely" sit on your Toilet! :D
A bit off topic i know(I just try to increase todays Peoples very poor attention span ;D), but here the Point, im no longer an active "Securety" Specialist, because it's an Illusion i repeat an I-l-l-u-s-i-o-n even on Linux and no matter how good you are, there is ever one that cracks your System and the better you thought you are, the more it hurts;)! But i still use to watch a bit around because i know there are a lot little "Hacker" Kiddies(Thanks to Backtrack Assholes who made it so easy and popular) around in my Neighbourhood and im sorry to say, but i saw relative many Root gainer Scripts for the so secure Linux that worked because of Kernel flaws, and from there on to program a Virus is the simplest thing!!!
6 years ago

Promoted. Very importend this idea. The most linux maschines have no active antivirus. That is bad. I think a own part in the control center is good. This can with a notification if no anti virus is installed.

Can Mint ask some antivirus producer for more integration? Perhaps the user have a small available list with antivirus software

6 years ago

whats wrong with claim tk?  
6 years ago

Preperation would be strong I agree but most virus programs still only protect Windows therefore we would be better off with our own program for such things.  
6 years ago

Whats wrong with claim tk? Its free, open source, and can instal from the mint software manager.  
6 years ago

I agree with @vinventv , @raywoods  and @Jymm . It is good if we are sending files to windows PC. I use Linux at home, but XP in Office.

Promoting :)
6 years ago

This is not a good idea, as they say down there. This is not Windows. It is much better than that. I Demote this Idea !!  
6 years ago

Edit to my comment below, disregard the part about the mint team not being right to do it. I thought that this idea said that they should make an antivirus, not work with companies to include one. I think that it could be good if, say, Ubuntu, since it has corporate backing, work with antivirus companies because they have a corporation and funds to work out this deal, but I'd be very happy if the mint team tried.  
6 years ago

While I'm not sure if the mint team are the best people to do it, I agree with the sentiment that viruses will start appearing for linux, like they did with the mac, and we are unprepared. I also share files between linux and windows computers in my house, and I don't want any viruses. I also haven't been able to install AVG and avast (I think it was avast and AVG).  
6 years ago

When I pass on files to friends who run Windows systems (the majority) I would much prefer that I don't pass on any nasties so, I like to ensure I'm clear of infection, even if these viruses don't attack me directly (yet).  
6 years ago

"Linux doesn't need Anti-virus. It's not Windows."
That is what was said about Mac too, now they have a virus. As more people use Linux more bad guys will design viruses. I just read about a nasty Linux virus that will encrypt all your personal files. I think it will come, it is a matter or time and popularity.
Rater be safe than sorry. I do back up to a add on hard drive.
6 years ago

I also think this is a good idea.  
6 years ago

Linux doesn't need Anti-virus. It's not Windows  

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