Add steam client by deafult as soon as it comes out later this year!

  10 years ago

Add steam client by deafult as soon as it comes out later this year!

This will finally bring gaming to linux.
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axe_gs1 8 years ago

Mint already has java, flash, codecs to make users lives easier... Steam would be the next logical by-default installation... you may even be able to get a subsidy from Valve to promote it!

anandrkris 9 years ago

Should definitely be there in the Repos, if it is already not.

@moorewarner - Valid point...there are so many applciations that are installed by default but i have never used (Eg: GIMP)

Plus, it will boost popularity of Steam which could lead to more games being ported to Linux.

quake0 9 years ago

Dam I wish this was approved.

booman 9 years ago

Steam is easy enough to install later. Its a small download and when launched it updates its-self.
I would be nice to have the newest version of Steam already installed, but I don't think its absolutely necessary.

Maybe if Steam had an open account with free-to-play games so you don't have to login. You could just launch Steam and download a free game, but that will probably never happen.

quake0 9 years ago

I still think this is a great idea that would put change Linux for the better.

quake0 9 years ago

Linux needs games! All we have now are crapy games that are worse then NES games.

prjolivet 10 years ago

The software will be available before the end of the year...

Lord_Burghley 10 years ago

Some folks are as anti-steam as they are anti-windows. I disagree with inclusion by default. Mind you, I'll be installing that pronto when it comes out. :)

mikefreeman 10 years ago

Definitely should be in the repos. Not 100% sold on the idea of including it by default (more like 51%), but promoting anyway.

ElHaj 10 years ago

@moorewarner good point
Still if ( Steam.supportLinux() && Steam.isGood() ); Mint.include(new Steam() );


quake0 10 years ago

You took the words out of my mouth.

moorewarner 10 years ago

To the folks who say everyone is not a gamer, true, and not everyone is an office suite user as well, or a photo/graphics editor/fiddler, or a user of messaging functionality or probably several other apps that are included on the default install.

I understand and agree that program inclusion should be selective however their is currently nothing, 0, included for the entire category of "games". I don't think this in keeping with the philosophy of having the best example of the most widely used application types included by default.

If Steam will be permitting redistribution of their client I think it should very seriously be considered for inclusion. Steam availability (assuming the catalog of titles follows) is *exactly* the kind of thing that has a real shot at exposing folks to Linux. Additionally as a "Meta-App" for a nominal use of space you would have polished conduit for what would be among the best games available on Linux.

It's a chicken egg thing on Linux with apps, when an opportunity comes along where our platform has a shot at being supported by a marquee application I think we would do ourselves a favor to think trice before not supporting it (I understand software center makes things a click away, please don't repeat that to me).

roht 10 years ago

I also agree it should not be be included by default.

chassum 10 years ago

Possibly place it in the 'Featured' category of the Software Manager.

ElHaj 10 years ago

I guess steam place is in the software manager and in the featured section too, so it may be easily found and installed, not included by default.

quake0 10 years ago

Most people won't even know steam runs, on Linux. Including it by default will help people know mainstream gaming can happen on Linux. Gaming is the only reason I still use windows. Its one of the biggest reasons most desktop users still use windows.

MattOne 10 years ago

Everyone is not a gamer, the OS should only include the most relevant software. Just download it from the packade manager instead!

prjolivet 10 years ago

With steam we would have better gaming possibiliy so it would improve the popularity of mint. I promote !

dagon 10 years ago

If(when) Steam is released for Linux, it would be a good idea to consider.
Support for top notch games out of the box. Many would like that.

ElHaj 10 years ago

Why by default?