Cinnamon default for Linux Mint 13

  9 years ago

Clem does not know what was good default desktop in LM13, Cinnamon or MATE.
I propose that Cinnamon is installed by default.

Mate is beautiful, is a fork for Gnome 2.30.x, but it is time for something new and different. Cinnamon comes perfect for this.

Please vote for this idea.
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sadi_pu 9 years ago

Its a great if linuxmint Maya LTS comes with cinnamon!!! Cause It rocks and better than MATE and Gnome 3.

crismblog 9 years ago

Gnome-Shell will not be implemented, and MATE and Cinnamon will be implemented separately not on the same disc.

Thinker 9 years ago

Gnome-shell, cinnamon and mate- all should be integrated in one distro.

viking777 9 years ago

Already implemented - see blog link in vincentv's post.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

I found a package "mint-meta-cinnamon-dvd" in Repository for Maya, so maybe Cinnamon would be installed by default on LM13.

RayWoods 9 years ago

I personally prefer MATE. Hey ho; it would be a dull world if we all felt the same about these things. Personally I would like to put a "bomb" under the Gnome Development Team for causing all this upset in the first place.

Emil89 9 years ago

It has nothing to do with which GUI is better, it's just that Cinnamon is the in-house Gnome 3-based GUI that the Mint team has been working really hard on, while MATE is the GUI made by other people, based on an older toolkit. It wouldn't make sense to make MATE the default.

ElHaj 9 years ago

one more vote for cinnamon

ulysses 9 years ago

After all the back and forth I eventually decided to Cinnamon.
It should stay.
I promote this idea.

LexMK 9 years ago

Ideal would be something that would detect if your computer can handle 3d acceleration. If not, use MATE as default. If yes, use Cinnamom, like the Gnome 3 fallback mode.