Firefox Theme

  7 years ago

Mozilla Firefox for Linux Mint needs a Linux-Mint-Theme.

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KnMn 7 years ago

We need this. Firefox looks so ugly on Mint.

joelz 7 years ago

thats not a bad idea. Then it makes the Browser part of Mint, in a sense.

roht 7 years ago

I like this as well.

Tonya 7 years ago

Nice idea. Promoting!

crismblog 7 years ago

Good idea.

Mintification 7 years ago

A great idea; a nice default persona for Firefox would definitely appeal. Maybe something like "Linux Mint Stylish" persona (by xilef; can find it in the Firefox add-ons).

jose_manuel 7 years ago

Good Idea, I Promoting this idea !!!!

LexMK 7 years ago

Well, why not? Could be good and takes little effort.