Clearer Cinnamon Description

  9 years ago

Today I was watching the Linux Action Show's review of Cinnamon. The hosts basically said that they couldn't understand why Linux Mint would fork Gnome Shell instead of just adding lots of extensions. While there is a reason for this, I realized that it's very hard to find why Cinnamon was created as a fork of gnome shell. I think that there should be a page on that says what Cinnamon is and why it's necessary. An example of what could be included is the difference between applets and extensions and why applets are better. I know that if you do some searching you can find basically what you need to know, but a simple about page would be helpful.
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Qruqs 8 years ago

Could be useful.

MYates: I'm done running. I use nothing but Linux on my home computers. :)

Footnote: It's *doze, there is no win in using it. IMHO

cypher-neo 9 years ago

Honestly if the hosts couldn't understand why Cinnamon had to be a fork of GNOME Shell, then they haven't used or tested either desktop environment and they should be fired for doing a lousy job!
Anyone who has had to face the extreme frustration of having all their extensions and themes break every time GNOME Shell does an upgrade understands why Cinnamon is a fork and not a patch.
The GNOME team seems committed to taking away theme options and extensions, whereas Cinnamon is taking the more user-friendly path of keeping those options in place. Cinnamon can't be a patch because GNOME Shell is randomly patching things and breaking things all over the place. If Cinnamon was simply a GNOME Shell patch, it would be as broken as all the other extensions that GNOME Shell uses.

If the hosts had bothered to test either desktop environment they would have known this.

But, in regards to making the description of Cinnamon clearer, I'll totally upvote this! More clarity is always a good thing!

raneern99 9 years ago

@orionthehunter , I would but I myself don't know all of the reasons why forking Cinnamon was necessary.

orionthehunter 9 years ago

Write up some copy, post it in the idea text or the comments. Maybe they'll add it.

raneern99 9 years ago

@vincentv and @compuman , thanks for voting. @vincentv , thanks for those links, but even those aren't incredibly specific.