Official Mint Bug/Ideas reporting team

  10 years ago

Often I see bug reports and ideas suggestions answered with "Not related to Mint, report to "X-application" developers". I know any idea or bug about a certain application should be notified to that application's developers and not on Mint Community or Mint Forum, but those application are also part of the distro, so why don't do this:

Make an official team of volunteers that would notify bugs and ideas collected by Mint users to applications' developers. This way we could contribute to the whole free software community.

I'd volunteer for this myself, if needed.
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Thinker 10 years ago

The users who create ideas are demoralised when they get harsh replies like "Mint is not a software developer" etc. This idea should definitely be implemented.

joelz 10 years ago

sounds like a good idea. Promoting

prativasic 10 years ago

This is an wonderful idea. But I want add one more thing. Isn't it possible to automate the bug reporting procedure? I mean, there could be some button for the user to send notification to the X-application developer. And Linux Mint should have some backend to collect the submitted bug reports to the respective developers.

LexMK 10 years ago

The point of this idea is for Mint to contribute to the free software community as a whole. To give something back in exchange for all the good software we have now.

ulysses 10 years ago

* I would agree if this team would take care of all the relevant areas.
* I would agree if that would relieve all other areas.
* I would agree if this team would operate completely independently. The time that the others are missing, otherwise slow the work of this team again.
* I would agree if it than could be a better care of the core business.
* I would agree if this results in the community area would result in some changes.

psyckers 10 years ago

True, its like getting an odd job on your desk and saying, not part of my job description so I won't do it.
It would be more useful to hand that odd job to a team of people that collate these odd ball jobs and do something with them.
Even if it is pointing the odd job to the right team for resolution, thats better than dumping the job in the rubbish bin.