About K3B on ISO

  10 years ago

Bracero - very poor quality software. It spoils the 50% low-quality discs. Better to use K3B in the ISO images of Mint by default. With K3B about 90% of discs are written well.
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Yuri 10 years ago

"Brasero is part of the gnome suite". We strive for the best, so you need to change the Gnome, although this and do not want to do.

orionthehunter 10 years ago

Brasero is part of the gnome suite. Alternatives are available in the repositories. I assume they'll remain that way.

crismblog 10 years ago

promote the idea

raneern99 10 years ago

I would like K3B on the DVD iso, but it, as well as all of the qt libraries required to have it, is too big for the cd edition.