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 Point Releases of Linux Mint 13

Created 5 years ago, edited 5 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

32 votes

Hello Linux Mint community!
Considering that the first testing iso images have appeared (and look pretty good), it seems Linux Mint 13 should be released sometime within the next month or so. Once the release is available, many updates from upstream will arrive shortly after. As this is an LTS release that will receive updates for five years, any users that install LM13 within the next couple of years, even a few months after the release, will be faced with several updates. Also, anyone that buys new hardware within the next two years would probably require the kernel updates for new hardware support, but couldn’t make use of them from the LM13 iso. Lastly, better choices of default software than that in the LM13 iso could possibly present themselves, due to popularity, degree of upstream support, etc. Therefore, I propose that point releases of LM13 should be released, based on those released for Ubuntu 12.04 (i.e. Ubuntu 12.04.1 → Linux Mint 13.1, U12.04.2 → LM13.2... the schedule is here - As with the release of LM13, I also propose that release candidates of the point releases be made available. So, what do others in the Linux Mint community think? Vote on the poll and post comments! :D


5 years ago

It was not done. I got Mint 9 LTS to download before 6 months and it had very very old software, that came with it's first release  
5 years ago

I wasn't aware that this wasn't already being done for LTS? If it isn't I would hope it would be. Obviously it requires developer resources which I know are scant. So.. Clem willing, let this be accepted.  
5 years ago

I agree. Promoting  
5 years ago

I'm in favor of at least one point release even on the normal twice-a-year releases.  
5 years ago

This is an excellent Idea !!!! I Promote this Idea.  
5 years ago

Good idea, I promote.  
5 years ago

Point release is a good idea. This would also give the dev team a running start at the next release.  
5 years ago

I had an idea like this rejected some time ago now but still think it is relevant. I feel sorry for the poor soul who needs to reinstall Linux Mint 13 a year or so down the road and finds thousands of updates to install before it is secure again. With an LTS edition, with a life span of five years, I would expect annual updates of the ISO file to be the minimum required. I'm promoting this idea.  

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