"Save this idea" Button Rename

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

I would like to propose that the "Save this idea" button in the New Idea page be renamed, perhaps to something like "Upload this idea".

The reason for this is because I have noted a number of ideas (from new users) uploaded with no description, and a title something like "test".

I believe these users probably think the button simply 'saves' the idea in their account to be uploaded later.

Changing the label to something like "upload idea" should reduce these problems and save moderators time. Please suggest a better label if you can think of one :)

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Thinker 8 years ago

Good Thought. Promoted.

Mintification 8 years ago

Thanks @contactted

Mintification 9 years ago

Thanks @vincentv.

Mintification 9 years ago

Thanks @remoulder, however this idea is distinct from that one. The link you posted suggests the addition of a "save" button, whereas this idea simply suggests a renaming of the existing one.

remoulder 9 years ago

"Save as draft" already under consideration, http://community.linuxmint.com/idea/view/175

Mintification 9 years ago

@oscar799 I like that idea of two seperate buttons. Thanks for your consideration.

oscar799 9 years ago

Maybe a "Save Draft" and a seperate "Submit" button - marking this idea as Considered

joelz 9 years ago

hi Mintification, this is a very good idea, promoting. When I saw the button for the first time I was surprised that it was called that, and expected it say something else?
I think that if they did this, maybe they could consider having 2 buttons, one for uploading, and another one to save? (which means that users can save the idea and upload it later if they change their mind about something).