GIMP 2.8

  7 years ago

Update GIMP Image Editor to version 2.8 . It was released on 2012-05-03 and it has new features such as layer groups, on-canvas text editing, advanced brush dynamics and the much desired optional single-window mode.
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Qruqs 6 years ago

Agreed. Just one thing. Are all the old plug-ins and other stuff fully functional in this version as they were in 2.6? Until they are, I'm not so sure it's a good idea, but there are also many desirable features in 2.8.

quake0 7 years ago

This should be marked implemented.

MintChip 7 years ago

No brainer... +1

heiowge 7 years ago

I just asked the same thing. Didn't realise someone else had already. So I'm promoting your idea as well.

DestinFaroda 7 years ago

I had to install GIMP 2.8 the uncomfortable way via the terminal by adding a new PPA. Please update GIMP (and Audacious too) to its newest version.

pml87 7 years ago

I need a single window mode :)

crismblog 7 years ago

A good idea.
LM13 is a shame that in GIMP 2.8.

quake0 7 years ago

The single window mode is a huge improvement. I have NEVER been able to get use gimp! We really need the photo shop style that Gimp 2.8 single window mode needs.