Keep an eye on Lightspark

  10 years ago

Lightspark ( is an Adobe Flash free software replacement. It is still in beta, but is growing fast. Using it since last month, works fine with Youtube and some other video hosting sites.

Is still not quite ready to replace Adobe Flash, but I think it will be soon. I suggest that when ready should be used as default Flash player on Mint.

Free is better! ^-^
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LexMK 10 years ago

Update: as of version 0.7.0-1, downloaded from Debian Experimental repos, it works the bare minimum with Youtube.

Doesn't support clicking on a point of the video to go to it, copy url time to clipboard, changing video quality and full screen (Larger player works fine). Play and pause both seems to work fine. Works with every video I tried it with. Even if the animation doesn't work, volume change works correctly. It can override Pulseaudio and get the volume over 100%. Don't know if it's a feature or (Most probably) a bug.

Doesn't work with other sites I tried, namely: Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr.

Both CPU and Ram usage were a bit higher than its proprietary competitor, around 15 to 20% (As in "% more than", not total CPU usage).

Supposedly, it won't work with anything more complex than a simple video for at least a couple of versions.

I've seen some improvements since the last version, but still can't fully replace Flash.

LexMK 10 years ago

@vincentv I'll do. Once I see it working well enough with all .swf content, I'll resubmit. An alternative to the Adobe monopoly is really needed.

LexMK 10 years ago

Update: new version of Lightspark is out. Trying now, will report later. For now, Youtube seems to work fine.

Mintification 10 years ago

@LexMK I will try it (when I have time :), and yes, I know how to install packages ;) I don't quite understand your comment, but agree we need a replacement :)

LexMK 10 years ago

@Mintification You should try it, you can install from the software manager or apt. What you wrote about Chrome is the exact reason we need a free alternative to Flash Player.

Mintification 10 years ago

I like this idea. I haven't used Lightspark myself, but as Adobe had decided to drop flash support for Linux past version 11, it will be good for users who don't use Chrome to have a replacement (someday).

LexMK 10 years ago

I KNOW that this idea is going to be good someday, in fact if you read it good, you will notice that I did not suggest to replace Flash now, but when Lightspark will be good enough to replace it (it is still in beta and does not work with many websites).

To better answer @joelz: what is wrong with Windows? Is good enough, so why use Linux Mint?

quake0 10 years ago

Its not a good idea now, but some day it will be.

quake0 10 years ago

I think the point is flash will no longer be supportted on linux, unless you use goole chrome. So some day this will be a good idea.

LexMK 10 years ago

It's already offered as an option. You can install it from the software manager. There is nothing wrong with Adobe Flash, except is not open source.

And I am not saying that is should be replaced now, but when it will be ready.

joelz 10 years ago

whats wrong with the one already in Mint? Personally I don't see a point... but its up to the developers