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  10 years ago

I find it a bit unpractical. You have to type the username too, and it is case-sensitive too... What was wrong with the old one?

I propose the new Ubuntu login screen ( as an alternative.

EDIT: update: do not change the login screen, but modify MDM's default so you do not have to type your username every time.
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jeop 9 years ago

I love the latest ubuntu login screen with the user list in the corner and where the background image changes to match the wallpaper of each individual user when you click on that user's icon. I would really love to see a theme for that on linux mint mate.

larmi 10 years ago

LightDM does it fine but i don't want to change mdm to LightDM
and with old habit very hard to replace..
so at least as option !!
when work computer uses LightDM it harder learn use both username and password!!

roverxk9 10 years ago

I like it showing the user accounts in a list, works great in a multi user environment. Just having it have one name typed in by default is not enough imo. I did however see the list option, its definitely a function over fashion look. I'm not a fan however as I'm used to the nice looks of ubuntu's and even windows 7's login screen.

Call me shallow if you want, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that looks at it this way. I'm just willing to voice it.

LexMK 10 years ago

@FlanMaster , read the "edit". When I first posted this I didn't know you could customize MDM to this extent, so I suggested LightDM because it was the one that was used before.

Now it's about modifying MDM's default making it so that you don't have to type your username but choose it from a list instead and, possibly, include a "Guest" account.

FlanMaster 10 years ago

This may be a day late and a dollar short BUT:
1) you can go to menu -->Administration-->login window-->local-->style and select "plain with face browser" then modify thepictures and such to your liking OR you can install, then repair, configure, tweak, and re-repair LightDM to get back the old, very limited login screen that allows you to select a picture and type your password. If you "just gotta have it"

2) WHY mdm versus lightdm? many reasons and I'll list just a few
a) better security (not as easy to hack if someone steals your computer/laptop
b) lightDM requires some non-standard modifications to "remove the dots", fix the resolution, etc. so why install a buggy login screen by default
c) moving away from gnome desktop because it's not as versatile

d) mdm adds back in (partially) the Ability to select/switch language at login, that gnome took out and linux mint copied in the last two versions. They still need to get they keyboard selector back in but I'll take what I can get.

For multiple users with multiple languages the language and keyboard selectors are golden. Granted this is more applicable in an academic setting (colleges etc. that run linux on their computer lab units, etc.) but for those of us who are in a home where multiple languages are used frequently, this is a great plus.

These are just a FEW reasons for the mdm, with my favorite mentioned also :P

Riemer 10 years ago

I really do not understand this. Who thought it was a good idea to burden users with the hassle of entering their name every time they log in?

LexMK 10 years ago

Also, but I don't know if I should make a separate idea for this, I miss the "guest" account. I actually need one.

LexMK 10 years ago

Having to type the username every time is sure an hassle. When you have multiple users, it's even worse.

Mintification 10 years ago

Hmm, have talked to a couple LM users lately, and the general consensus seems to be for LightDM (including me :).
A good idea for sure.

Mintification 10 years ago

I think it comes down to a personal preference in the end (LightDM or MDM). Promoting so MDM has a default user selection.

raneern99 10 years ago

I strongly promote having a user list (that's how my MDM is configured), although I much prefer LightDM to MDM

LexMK 10 years ago

I should update this idea to what @dagon and @vincentv suggested

crismblog 10 years ago

MDM is better than LightDM, I do not think should be changed.

dagon 10 years ago

"would you be fine if MDM gets changed so it has the option to have a default user selected for which you only need to type the password?"
That would at least please me a lot. :)
I couldn't find a tutorial for it. I've seen requests for a tutorial in the forum but I can't find any. Any idea?

LexMK 10 years ago

Well, I have to say I did not even know you could configure a login screen so easily... My bad. If it is like that, then my suggestion is to at least change its default to look a bit better and to choose from an user list and type just the password. Now that I know, I have to say that I actually like the idea of a configurable login screen, but have to type the username too is annoying and a non-experienced user (well, I use Mint since Mint 9 and that happened to me too...) could not instantly realize that he can configure it.