Uploader to work with multiple cloud/online storage websites

  9 years ago

Can a simple application (or uploader) be developed to upload files to online storage websites like Idrive, Asus Webstorage etc. Application doesnot need to be blotted with other functions but it should just be able to upload files at any location on internet. In other words, a simple but Advanced uploader.

For more clarification, email client Thunderbird works with different websites with some initial account setup. I am referring to similar kind of application which could be used with multiple cloud services by entering their server address, username, password and other necessary information.

I know certain websites don't allow this and have copyright/marketing issues but some websites provide API s and scripts to do so. They dont have much resources so that they can develop linux application. Atleast those websites must be considered once.

Please dont ask to use dropbox, ubuntu one, or other cloud storage options. Its all about compatibility and providing more options.
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Thinker 10 years ago

@remoulder If "Mint is not a software developer", then who has developed "Cinnamon" and "Mint Software Centre"

fleming746 10 years ago

Don't care, just be aware that cloud computing means putting your info on someone else's servers with whatever wweaknesses those servers have. For myself drive storage is cheap

quake0 10 years ago

Some are not secure like drop box.

remoulder 10 years ago

Mint is not a software developer