Sort softwares by date of installation

  12 years ago

Sometimes we install something which might be useful or install many similar programs in the middle of a mental storm of work or creativity or whatever, and soon we forget what we have installed (the name of the software, or where it has been put), or even forget to do what we were about to do with it.
On MintInstall or Synaptic (when Isadora is born), it would be nice to sort programs by date so we can look at the most recent installs and that would remind us what to do (or not to do anymore -> uninstall!)
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oscar799 10 years ago

Looks like this feature already exists
I'm marking this idea as "Implemented"

nikhilsinha 12 years ago

This feature is available as "History" under "File" menu.
One can view history "date wise" or search for a package.
Existing functionality is quite good.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

Ok, sorry for being born, or not RTFM'ing...

remoulder 12 years ago

Dated install history is already part of both synaptic and mintinstall. Maybe you should check you know how to use things before you post 'ideas' about changing them. Demoted