Duplicate Idea Detector

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

Make a simple check for keywords in the title. If found some similar ideas, ask the user if he can see his idea already submitted on a short list. Look how launchpad works when you submit a new bug.

Otherwise you will be flooded with duplicate ideas, when this site gets popular.

Hope I didn't write a duplicate idea myslef :P.
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luisbraganca 4 years ago

It would also save some time for the admins/moderators since they wouldn't need to search for duplicated posts and leave a warning.

ecellingsworth 5 years ago

I was just about to submit this idea myself. Lucky I did a search. If only this was implemented...

MiLeon 5 years ago

A small wizzard with questions? In Wikipedia is it normal that you must search the keywords befor you can add a new articel

RavS 7 years ago

Very right, don't want duplicates.

bugz 7 years ago

I think that would be only possible with enabling structuring (or tagging ) the ideas. Without hierarchy/structure it will be hard to deal with increasing count of Ideas. Would you like me to create idea about idea tagging? :o)

blueXrider 7 years ago

Oh yeah! 100% agree

frankeinstein 8 years ago

Would have suggested this myself, but you already have. On a few occasions in the past I have come up with an idea only to find it has already been thought of.

oco13 8 years ago

Tags would be very useful.

linuxmint 9 years ago

This is a great idea! I hope I don't have a duplicate post :).

Fr3d 9 years ago

Dont tell me we have a situation of duplicate duplicate idea ideas. hehehe.
As this database gets huge it would make sense to be able to group ideas. Tags seem a good way. Perhaps if voted enough a merge of the idea records too, side by side or with colour codes or something. Deleting seems like work for someone and if all ideas are good ideas then combining the titles post and thread history makes some sense.
Grouping ideas helps when an idea may be similar but different enough to warrant another thread. As ideas grow and evolve then they may be deemed similar and merged..
But all with voting in some way so there is no extra work for someone.

davedarkblade 9 years ago

Five minutes ago I risked to write a duplicate of another idea.
Fortunately, before doing so I performed a search and I discovered that a similar idea already existed.

eiver 9 years ago

Merging or deleting duplicates is another topic.
Here I just want to notice, that most people do not bother to search if their idea already exist or they perform the search incorrectly.

The system (this web page) could help people in that.

There is a very poplular idea already on this site: "Single Account for Everything"

Suppose I also "invent" the same idea and want to submit: "Single sign-on system for all Mint sites"

This web page should display:
Other people already submited ideas:
1. aaa
2. bbb
3. ccc
Pick the idea from the list or submit a completely new idea [submit new idea button].

Tags help a lot in automatically detecting duplicate ideas. (and much more).

Everything can be user driven, to reduce the workload for admins - just like in a wiki.

heltonbiker 9 years ago

The site owner could benefit from the "hardwork" already made by the very users who might themselves cluster ideas together someway, but the final decision on removing content would be made by admin (merging and deleting)

squishy 9 years ago

close to a duplicate idea, there are a lot of people who want duplicate ideas removed or combined, I am one of them.
much as this idea has merit it also sounds like more work that the website owner may want to do. here's hoping one of the duplicate ideas suggestions is implemented.