Auto Mount any hard drive partition on local system

  10 years ago
  Under dev. review

I had a wee play with Bodhi Linux the other day and I was impressed by it recognising and mounting every partition the local system had, including a Windows and a iOSX partition.

So I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if Linux Mint could do this as well.
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bernd-wechner 6 years ago

I just installed MINT and admit for an out oft he box experience it's biggest shortcoming for me was the work I had to invest to work out how, in /etc/fstab to auto mount all my local drives.

This should really be an option at install time as it's very hard to imagine not wanting them. Migrating from Windows 7 and well, of course they are all visible as drives there.

Now I there is some beauty to it in that I could see them in Nemo and Nemo does mount them when I go there. But alas my first issue was with dropbox as I keep my cloud mirrors on a separate drive and dropbox kept unlinking because the drive was not automounted. I forsee many similar problems as I get the system rolling and so automount them all now.

Failed to find a nice GUI for this too alas.

heiowge 9 years ago

I love this idea. Promoted.

psyckers 10 years ago

I think we are onto something here. Like the idea of dialogue box LexMK.

LexMK 10 years ago

@Mintification or it could be a dialogue with the "Don't ask me again" tick.

Mintification 10 years ago

Automatically popping up with a dialogue asking you which partitions to mount is a _great_ idea, but not automatically mounting them for you. What if I didn't want them mounted?

sunewbie 10 years ago

sounds good, but questionable on security grounds. or better have ntfs-config tool and similar tool for mac, installed by default.

Another option would be to ask on first start after fresh install to auto mount not native to Linux.

I will have to check Bodhi, but I think E17 only displays drive icons and not load them. Keep a sing in NTFS partition, add it to clementine or any music player, reboot and then check if it plays that track or skips it.
As far as I know Jeff, he is not adding anything that is not neseccasry to function the distro itself. We had a dicussion to add startup sound and he stated the above.

I sign in as White Lotus.

It also has links to good startup sounds (some links me yours truely :) )