Cinammon calendar, first day of week setting

  7 years ago

Cinnamon clock and callendar appplet does only support week format , where first day of week is Sunday. In my country first day of week is Monday, so callendar should be shifted:
I think user should be able to choose first day freely (at least to have choise beetween Sunday or Monday week start).
Or this setting should be assigned to currency and date depending on country, but not language setting: i.e. one should be able to use english, german, any language for GUI, but should have constant week start day as now does with system-wide currency setting.
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RavetcoFX 4 years ago

This is now implemented

ssstylish 6 years ago

Monday should be the first day of the week by default.

kovacsggy 6 years ago


do the following to change first day to monday. Works on Mint 14 Cinnamon.

jupiter66 7 years ago

I agree. Another example: french setting in north america; the first day should be sunday but the system sets monday.

BTW, it affets almost all mint flavours, not only Cinnamon.

lubor87 7 years ago

Same problem for Czech Republic. Promoted...

dips1188 7 years ago

I can see the sense in this one. Although may seem a small thing we take it for granted that the week starts on a Sunday and as has been pointed out what is the point of providing multiple language and currency options if the calendar is still rooted in the West? Lets show a little flexibility if possible and improve Mints appeal across the planet.