Fully Optimize Linux Mint KDE 13 LTS.

  9 years ago

It would be really great and desirable in the next edition of Linux Mint 13 KDE (LTS), the KDE desktop environment is a bit heavy, were optimized to the maximum. Because of this it caused various problems in version 12, for example when the five icons appear when starting KDE, that is eternal. Unfortunately testing Fedora 17 KDE and Mageia 2 KDE this problem is still present, but in Kubuntu 12.04 starts very well and is very fluid system itself. I hope this is true for Linux Mint KDE 13 LTS !!!!
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jose_manuel 9 years ago

Totally, estimated vincentv ..... Linux Mint 13 is really a great and fantastic version, I think it's the best version made ​​by the Linux Mint Team to date, I tested the four editions, and really work great. Especially the KDE and XFCE versions are wonderful. And the Mate and Cinnamon versions also work very well. They did a great job Linux Mint Team !!!!!!!!

crismblog 9 years ago

Good idea, I promote.