multiple, named, assigned key capable workspaces

  9 years ago

Expand the two workspaces in v13 to at least 12, make them nameable, allow setting of hot key combinations, or touch pad to move from one to another.
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oscar799 9 years ago

Clem mentioned Cinnamon improvements in the blog
"Within the Cinnamon project, the team’s been working hard on bringing all the features people asked for in 1.4, including configurable panel heights, Cinnamon 2D, Alt-tab preview and outline modes, workspace names and OSD, improved keyboard navigation, Expo grid view, improved configuration tool and menu editor, improved logging, new Scale, Expo, Notifications and Brightness applets and a huge number of bug fixes. Versions from the current unstable 1.5 branch should hit the romeo part of the Linux Mint 13 and LMDE repositories shortly."

Marking this idea "Implemented"

ppatalas 9 years ago

Clem once wrote that they intend to make workspaces nameable, promoting.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

I myself usually use at most 4 workspaces, no need to use more than 12 workspaces.
But I think they should be easily nameable/re-nameable and should be allowed setting of hot key combinations (e.g. Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys).

I think it would be nice if these features would be implemented in next version of Cinnamon or Mint 14.

dsiddens 9 years ago

I'm currently working on Cinnamon.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

Which Edition of Mint 13 are you making mention of?
Cinnamon?, or MATE?
Or KDE/Xfce which would be released in near future?