[Cinnamon] Drag and Drop Themes to Install

  7 years ago

This idea comes from the older days of GNOME2 where you could download theme packages and install them by dragging them into the Appearance window.

I'd like to see Mint adopt something that again. Perhaps dragging a file into "Cinnamon Settings - Themes" could inflate and install the theme to the correct place so it can be immediately used.
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zantaz 6 years ago

boh ... Mint(r) give it now ...

raneern99 7 years ago

I don't know how this will work, but in the todo list for the next version of Cinnamon is the ability to install themes/applets/extensions from cinnamon-spices withing cinnamon settings. See https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/commit/cbef26cbf195ff1688d32a72647e39dfa93fae88 (scroll past all of the pink stuff).

Mintification 7 years ago

I guess this would make it easier for new users. Promoting.

crismblog 7 years ago

would be something nice

Simeon 7 years ago


joelz 7 years ago

sounds easy, nice idea :)