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  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

I am using both Mint 12 and 13 (on two separate computers) and on 12 I can press Windows+D to view desktop, but this appears not to be enabled by default on 13. I am aware that I can configure keyboard shortcuts, but an idea for Mint 14, to enable windows+D (view desktop) by default.
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xchiltonx 4 years ago

seems implemented in the ISO 17.2 cinnamon

alberthdez1 6 years ago

it enable windws key + D on linux mint14
habilitada la tecla windows + D en linux mint 14

joelz 7 years ago

@YasirHantoush sorry I don't actually know how to do this yet, as I have never looked into it in any detail.
I suspect there would be tutorials on this site to help, otherwise use the forums.

YasirHantoush 7 years ago

Yes, please, please, please, Make window-d as a default for showing the desktop in all next releases. And also show me how I can implement this short cut in cinammon 13 ?

joelz 7 years ago

oh :)
Vielen Dank :)

ranito 7 years ago

@joelz:vStrg Is German For The CTRL key. So the key combination would be: Ctrl+Win+d.

joelz 7 years ago

@oan1971 i'm a noob, what is "strg"?

oan1971 7 years ago

But you can still use strg+windows key+d to view the desktop, at least in a cinnamon session.

steveking 7 years ago

promoted. a very handy key shortcut I miss it

crismblog 7 years ago