Boot-repair in the live cd

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

The live cd is used to try and test linux mint.
It is also used to restore some linux mint functionalities when then are missing or broken.

I strongly suggest to include the boot-repair application in the live cd/dvd.
This can be used to restore grub when you install in a dual boot another operating system.

I.e i had installed kde mint lisa and then i installed windows 7. The master boot record had been replaced by the microsoft standard one, erasing grub.

With boot-repair, i easily reinstalled grub with its previous parameters. Therefore i had to install this app on the live cd. It could have been much easier if it had been included from the beginning in the "system" menu.

The ppa is there :
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yigit_burak 3 years ago

fix fsck from recovery from too

yigit_burak 3 years ago


synkoptik 6 years ago

Yes! And some kind of kernel-repair. I'm going crazy....learning...then forgetting....should i push the easy button? Bite the bullet, start fresh? Lose all my settings? Ugghh.. Ill give it try. Or forums, here I come.

numix 6 years ago

This is a very important feature and should be included by default.

maxgeek333 7 years ago

Good idea

talo 7 years ago

i agree

kipyegonchep 9 years ago

Any steps to repairing kernel errors in live cd.

Brucey99 9 years ago

+1, I have needed this many times

heiowge 9 years ago

Fantastic idea.

lubor87 9 years ago

Great idea, I needed this feature a few times...

stevef 9 years ago

Great suggestion. Put this in the live CD/DVD with a menu option.

Tonya 9 years ago

A very good idea! Promoted!

sunewbie 9 years ago

Boot-repair will soon be available in repos. The site is not saying that it will be installed by default.

Yannubuntu also has Hybride OS which has boot-repair, grub customizer installed by default. If I remember correctly, there is one version Ubuntu-Secure-Remix (link is provided on boot-repair page) , which has following functionalities.

same functionalities as the normal Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CD, but also :
automatically backup of the MBRs when installing Ubuntu (Clean-Ubiquity), which is highly recommended for dual-boot Ubuntu-Windows (or MacOS)

integrates OS-Uninstaller (tool to uninstall any Operating System from your PC)

integrates Boot-Repair (tool to repair the PC boot)

Boot-Repair and OS-Uninstaller can be run from the Dash (the top-left Ubuntu logo).

sunewbie 9 years ago

I also did same mistake. Everytime I install a distro, I install GRUB in sda. I also have Ubuntu / Xubuntu. Whenever the kernel is updated (major or minor upgradation), grub-pc is reconfigured and Grub.cfg is re-created

Better would be to install only one grub in sda and all other grubs in sda'y' i.e. sda5, sda6, i.e. same / (root) partition where the OS is installed. So you will need to only update or reconfigure grub-pc of only one distro. Mint does not update kernel, so it's Grub stays for long time, except it's overwritten by another grub of another distro or grub is updated to latest version.

dmwsdq 9 years ago

even ubuntu will include boot-repair in their live cd in the near future, according to

i think it should be included in the future release of Linux Mint as well. I've lost my GRUB after installing Fedora (Fedora's GRUB replaced Mint's GRUB).

ruler 9 years ago

i encounter this problem. and yes, i agree 100%. plus make the disk can repair the installation just like a normal windows disk.

more info on boot-repair here

Oamey 9 years ago

I have run into various problems with boot over the years and some sort of built in repair tool would certainly be very useful. +1

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Excellent Idea !!!! I Promoting this Idea.-

michelsaey 9 years ago

A very good idea. You never know when you need this app.

crismblog 9 years ago

A good idea that I promote.