Set Ctrl-Alt-T for terminal as default

  8 years ago
  Under dev. review

There is no keyboard shortcut to run terminal enabled as default.I was searching for a few days in various forums to no avail.

I just "discovered" that there is an option for it in keyboard shortcuts and I am now able to use it.I used to give up after reading a bit about XF86(what is that ?) something for volume increase,decrease,XF86WWW etc in the keyboard shortcuts program menu.

It would be nice if a keyboard shortcut is enabled for terminal as default preferably Ctrl-Alt-T as it is the "standard" shortcut.

Thank you for your time.
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blueXrider 8 years ago

it would be nice to have the Ctrl-Alt-T standard across all distros

napolean_p 8 years ago

I am using Linux Mint Maya MATE edition in which it is not enabled by default.I suppose the default implementation in Cinnamon would explain abnvolk's comment.

abnvolk 8 years ago

??? It seems that on my Mint, the shortcut is enabled by default.

miami592 8 years ago

One of the main strong points of linux mint is it's balance between ease of use and ability to customize. Perhaps this subject would be better served as a tutorial for those among us who wish to enable the terminal ks.

quake0 8 years ago

I would rather just have guake installed my default. Just press (`)