Software Manager - Categories

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

When in search results for a program, the Category is not displayed.
Alternates cannot be found unless program name is known.

If Category in which program was stored under was displayed, then simply moving to that Category / Sub-Category would allow for browsing of like programs.
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melsevier 9 years ago

So them it sounds like the ability to create an app to customize the Software Manager itself might be an answer. In Google Chrome they have LABS, which allow for the customization of the program itself. Having the ability to sort and view the Manager in different ways would be a plus.

blueXrider 9 years ago

agreed. other ideas have been mentioned and but the results are the same.

napolean_p 9 years ago

The tags idea is very good,browse by tags would be much more efficient as one would not need to know the names of the programs.

joelz 9 years ago

mm I think I would agree. it would make things a lot easier this way :)