Main Menu in Cinnamon

  9 years ago

The main menu in Cinnamon is catagorized in menu's with applications and this is very good for me (there is only a localisation bug).I understand that the main menu would be developed like Mint Menu. This is a very good idea but the Mint Menu is the first thing I always replace by the classic menu frome Gnome 2.x and Mate and I think that I'm not the only person that do's that. I've always worked with the classic menu where you simple get your menu's for the applications without sections from favourite applications etc. It's practical and clean.

The further development of the Mint Menu in Cinnamon is a good idea but I would like the option of chosing a classic main menu instead of the Mint Menu.
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lestcape 7 years ago

You can use:

And also you can request all that you want:

abnvolk 9 years ago

Maybe this is what you're looking for: