Option to Edit User's email and username in Community Site.

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

In user profile, 'change account details' there should be options for email settings.
Like changing the email notifications etc.

And @prjolivet reminded me of a very good idea: that it should also be possible to change user name.

I think these options will be very useful for users.

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Garrut 6 years ago

this would be great for fools like me that accidentally made a typo on my name, and now I cant change it.

Tonya 8 years ago

Nice idea! Promoted!

mysoomro 9 years ago

thanks compuman2004

mysoomro 9 years ago

I understand. changing username is a bit complicated. But it's possible. a system just like the one used while creating a new account can be used for it. Checking a username. If it's available then user should be able to change it, otherwise not.

Ishwon 9 years ago

I promote the same.
The idea is nice, but changing username could cause registration issues as usernames need to be unique. However, the change of 'display name' is mentioned in the idea Display name & changeable e-mail.

mysoomro 9 years ago

Removed that part.
Added your idea in it too..

mysoomro 9 years ago

Very True prjolivet.. I really felt the need of it too. At first I thought to add it in the main body of idea. Then I thought it's your idea so you better write a new idea about it. :)
The developers just have to check if that username is already used in by someone in the database. If not then old users should be able to get that username. I wanted to change my username too. But couldn't so I made new account. But then my this account was already much active. friends knew me from this one so I had to get those accounts deleted by asking a moderator.

prjolivet 9 years ago

I agree, it should also be possible to change user name.