Add Kazam screencaster on the list of softwares in the community site!

  9 years ago

Kazam screencaster is a useful application and it is already present in the software repository. It can be installed from Software manager. I think it should be included in the softwares in community site too; so that users can write reviews for it and give their feedback.
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mysoomro 9 years ago

Okay.. Did it.. Thanks! :-)

mysoomro 9 years ago

Thanks @Mintification: Kazam is really good.. But I haven't tried recordmydesktop either.. I must give it a try too.. :)

mysoomro 9 years ago

Thanks @ElHaj for these wonderful links.. :)
I just installed the latest unstable version in my system getting help from the links you shared.. It has some bugs, but so had the older stable version.. Older version was not recording a region of screen.. And the newer version simple jams after saving the recorded file.. I've reported the bug.. lets see..

Mintification 9 years ago

Hmm, seems nice (promoting :)
I've used recordmydesktop in the past, which works great. Might give Kazam a try too.

ElHaj 9 years ago

and a review

ElHaj 9 years ago

Kazam homepage :)