Some Animation During Booting (Boot time)

  9 years ago

During boot time a blank and black screen appears for quite a long time. This is so uncool. There should be some small animation in it; like a dancing tux, a Linux Mint logo with some lights revolving around it or Linux Mint Logo swinging like a pendulum or anything to make it more attractive during this time, not the black blank screen. Currently it appears like a blank welcome.
I don't think a small animation will affect the boot time that much.

I experienced this blank screen in Linux Mint KDE Katya, Lisa and experiencing it Linux Mint xfce Maya.
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mysoomro 9 years ago

@napolean_p: Agreed, that would be better than empty screen..

napolean_p 9 years ago

If there is a problem with Plymouth,maybe a text listing of what is happening would be helpful.That way one is reassured that the system is indeed booting with no problems.It would also give the user something to do while he waits.

stleon 9 years ago

nice idea

mysoomro 9 years ago

Thank @vincentv: I just checked out the links.
I hope developers find some way out to keep the plymouth theme by default in next release..