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  10 years ago
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Currently I see Linux Mint has got two teams:

- Maintainers
- Testers

I propose having an Ambassadors team as well.
This group would help in Linux Mint promotion.
Ambassadors would contribute in writing articles, presentation materials, design posters & flyers, and even help in setting up Mint gears :)

I propose this as an extension to my initial idea (, that of dedicating a section of the site to host 'promotional' materials. I extend this idea to gather up a team responsible to maintain/update these materials.


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Alexio 6 years ago

Linux Mint Ambassadors - Our tumblr. Our diary.

Dear Linux Mint users,

Ambassadors are Linux Mint users who communicate with their friends about the advantages of using Linux Mint.

This project is already working on some other Linux distributions and has been very effective in order to make known Linux distributions.

This kind of project is also very functional in Free Software Events and Universities, where local ambassadors support FOSS events in their communities.

This work is voluntary and driven by the desire to make free software more and more encouraged.

Just send a chat message to linuxmint on with your tumblr URL address (something like and your e-mail if you want to join the Linux Mint Ambassadors Team and be one of the community editors of the Linux Mint Ambassadors tumblr.

Best regards,

Alexio - maintainer of Linux Mint tumblr

DuddaWolf 8 years ago

I brought this idea 3 years ago.
I act as a Linux Mint Ambassador in my city... I burned DVDs and distributed with my University colleagues. It's cool like mint!
I support this idea...

Ishwon 10 years ago

To promote things further, I've created a team on launchpad > This will aim to group LM users in Mauritius and set up an initial contact point.

Ishwon 10 years ago

Thanks vincentv. I saw that. In fact, Alexio sent me the details to become a author. Yep, that was fast :)

Alexio 10 years ago

I found another idea on this community website about a Linux Mint Ambassadors Project.

@vincentv - Thank you!

@Ishwon - Thank you for the message. I just created a new collaborative blog on Tumblr called Linux Mint Ambassadors.

Ishwon 10 years ago

Thanks for the support & comments guys.
@ vincentv | The links definitely help. Thank you. I'll liaise with Alexio to see in what way I can help, at the same time get some ideas for our local community.

psyckers 10 years ago

Not a bad idea really as it will ensure that the Testers and Maintainers remain focused in making Mint awesome while the Ambassador team focus on showing and telling the world why Mint is awesome.

joelz 10 years ago

i think the LM team are doing their best with everything they do, so they may not necessarily consider this IMO.