Leave Close/mini/maxi buttons as they are now

  11 years ago

Ubuntu 10.04 is moving those three buttons to left side of the window, on a vague rationale that the space on the right will be used for something in 10.10. At the same time it creates a lot of confusion... I think it would be good if Mint did not implement this change.
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squishy 11 years ago

I kind of agree with SeanBest, we aren't Mac users, although there are some Mac based themes out there so maybe there are some Mac faithful amongst us.
If it's easily changed then document it for users, personally I'd prefer the right side.

beefstu 11 years ago

As far as i know, it can be changed by changing a configuation file, however it could be useful to have a graphical way of doing this in Mint.

remoulder 11 years ago

This is simply a theme, mint uses a different default to ubuntu, but it's easily changed

SeanBest 11 years ago

Keep it on the right. Left is for Macs ... weirdos.