Add 0ad (0 A.D.) game on the list of softwares in the community site!

  9 years ago

0ad (0 A.D.) is one of the few great games on Linux and it is already present in the software repository. It can be installed from Software manager or with "sudo apt-get install 0ad" command. I think it should be included in the software list in community site too; so that users can write reviews for it and give their feedback.
Many users like myself check reviews of the applications on this site before installing them. It really helps.
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kazztan0325 8 years ago

I am promoting!

I think the database of software in this community site should be updated every release of new version of Mint!!

mysoomro 9 years ago

Yes @vincentv: You directed me to that idea on my another similar idea and I'm promoting it..

Mintification 9 years ago

Most certainly it should be added to the list alongside other great games. Promoting :)

mastersrp 9 years ago

One of the better games currently in development. I would really love to see more attention towards it!

ElHaj 9 years ago

one more promotion for a nice game.