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 Broadcom Wireless driver

Created 5 years ago, edited 5 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

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Please include the Broadcom wireless driver on the next Linux Mint release instead of just the ethernet driver to automatically install wireless drivers at "OS install" time, like Ubuntu 12.04 does!


4 years ago

It seems that the Broadcom driver can not be distributed. But perhaps it would be useful to inform the user during installation. Otherwise, the new user can spend hours trying to figure out what happens and what is the solution.  
5 years ago

both Broadcom Drivers please as some cards use Sta-Driver and Some b43 they are not the same.  
5 years ago

@Prinny ....or the Mint team can add a feature in the installer that does this automatically. Promoting. Also, remember LMDE if you do that.  
5 years ago

You can just install broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source bcmwl-kernel-source with a wired connection via apt-get. That's what I did on my fresh install.

Or you can compile from source. It only takes a few moments.

Download file from the broadcom site.

mkdir hybrid_wl

cd hybrid_wl
tar xzf /path/to/file.tar.gz

make clean

modprobe wl.

5 years ago

The Broadcom wireless driver is already in the Linux Mint repository when you search for it, it just doesn't see the wireless driver or the existing wireless network during install. The Ubuntu 12.04 does automatically and asks you if you would like to connect to the wireless network. Linux Mint 13 Maya does not even see the wireless network. It says "FIRMWARE MISSING!!".duh!!..Once you connect to the wireless routher via ehternet and download the Broadcom wireless driver from the Mint repository and restart, it sees the network and works, it just doesn't see it initially during wireless install. -d  
5 years ago

Ok. It is forbitten by broadcom. The same is with nvidia. However, the installer can ask the user if he wants to install the driver with the broadcom licence agreements.  
5 years ago

To remoulder, please note that the proposal states "like Ubuntu 12.04 does". I haven't tried Ubuntu lately, but it would be interesting to see what they do. I haven't been able to install any version of Mint 13 on two of my PC's that have Broadcom wireless despite trying various work-arounds - they fail to boot after installation, so I've gone back to previous versions (Mint 9 Gnome and Mint 12 LXDE) on those PC's. It really is necessary for Mint to have at least the previous versions' ability to boot and then allow installation of the Broadcom drivers.  
5 years ago

which mint you mean? Ubuntu based or Debian edition?, normal Linux mint its almost the same structure of Ubuntu... with my TP-Link 727n v3 with rt2870 chipset dont work automatically at ubuntu or mint, i do it mannually, in de Linux core are rt2800usb availbul... i dont think normal linux mint would change that..., and i think if you placed idea to have better support voor hardware you only ged -1 + -1 = -3 , thats a bad thing new users dont gona take mint :) thats a closed principal not a open thing.... the reason of that with linux mint i use now lmde... my wifi its automaticakky with that....
5 years ago

As has been said many time, the Broadcom driver cannot be distributed - it belongs to Broadcom and their terms forbid this. Please research before posting.  
5 years ago

I promote this. The linuxmint-help chat has many users with excat this problem. Or the mint installer can this driver install automatic. The livecd has this driver, but the installtion not.  

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