Consider Moderation

  9 years ago

My instinct tells me it won't take long until spammers begin to pollute this site and annoy us all. Therefore, moderation seems like a good idea.

Possible implementation:

1. Saved ideas (or any other posts) must be reviewed by a moderator (or team of moderators) before they are made publicly viewable. The upside to this approach is no spam will have a chance to get through to the public eyes, due to filtering, and will probably help minimize duplicate ideas. The downside is this will also mean excessive work on the moderator part.

2. Add a flag/report button to every idea, so that other users can report it. This is similar to the implementation on the forums. Then a moderator (or team of moderators) will decide whether the flagged/reported post should be taken down. The upside to this approach is relaxed job on the moderator part. But the downside is spams will still have a great chance to get through to the public eyes.

3. Combination of both. Black- and whitelist scheme may be incorporated here. Logically, every new user should be on the blacklist until he/she scores a certain number of 'clean' posts. Once on the whitelist, his/her posts will no longer be subject to review. However, every user that is on the whitelist can be put back onto the blacklist should he/she score a certain number of 'offending' posts, per user reports and moderator decision. This approach may be applied sooner, while this site is still in alpha/beta, or later, once it has graduated out of beta.
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alborak 4 years ago

I agree with you garda

m4daredsun 9 years ago

clem: great news! Spam is indeed polluting our community

clem 9 years ago

Started implementation on this.

Godzilla 9 years ago

Yeah people are already getting hateful

Craig 10 years ago

I agree with this idea, might be good also to have it so people can voluntarily help to moderate since it is a "community site".

Garda 10 years ago

Idea edited. If you don't agree with the implementation proposed by moi, feel free to offer an alternative.

HANAX 10 years ago

First the prevention - prevent flood. Then maybe users can flag any post as spam and moderator can review that list from time to time and delete. Or significant number of spam flags will delete it automatically...

ArcherSeven 10 years ago

Perhaps make it to where a small team of moderators exist to approve specified posts: such as the first ten posts/ideas by an individual; with an easy-to-use marking system for moderators to easily indicate who has been showing what attitude / pushing limits, etc. Also setting levels to moderators i.e. a relatively large amount of standard mods that can only mark accounts / suggest to the next level of moderator who can ban but be overridden by the top few. I've typed a bit much here, lol. Just ideas.

clem 10 years ago

Promoted, but please be more specific on how to implement this idea.

heltonbiker 10 years ago

agree with Hammeh

Hammeh 10 years ago

I think a certain degree of moderation is needed on any site. However, it would be good if it only applied to new members therefore meaning that posts by active and responsible people would not need to be filtered. Would cut down on the work needed my the linux mint staff and would keep the website spam free.

Rovanion 10 years ago

Tough he makes a good point there. The system should prevent you from posting ideas more frequently than once every 30 seconds or more.

Garda 10 years ago

I've deleted the rest. No more duplicate now.

Garda 10 years ago

@lolmypants: Because when I hit the Save button, my idea never appeared, so I thought I'd made another one, and another. Thus, 5 duplicates.

lolmypants 10 years ago

Why do you have 5 ideas which say the same thing?

Pariah 10 years ago

Agreed, just like anything else, the bad apples tend to fall in with the good ones.

mmesantos1 10 years ago

I will agree with Garda on this.