Base future Mints on Debian not Ubuntu

  9 years ago

I think Ubuntu is headed in a direction that takes it away from the community of users who have worked so hard to make it good. Here lately the known bugs in releases have escalated and gotten more serious and from a bug tester I talked to, it's getting worse. I've long said that a 6 month release cycle isn't long enough and I think Karmic Koala is absolutely a reflection of that. Quality seems to be less and less of a priority than it used to be and user input of far less importance. So, my idea is to do what Crunch Bang Linux is doing and base Mint on Debian rather than Ubuntu. I'm sure this will not go over well at all with a lot of people lol.
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Bytebitter 1 year ago

Good idea

FinixFighter 1 year ago

I absolutely agree! This is the idea that I support most on this forum! :D

sercamiz 2 years ago

Provided that no drawback occurs in the current use: programs availability, updating, etc.

siafulinux 4 years ago

Agree with this entirely.

yodamin 4 years ago

I cut my "Linux Teeth" on Red hat 2. I refined what little Linux knowledge I have acquired on Debian. I love Debian but prefer the ease of use of Ubuntu due to lack of knowledge and minimal time to gain said knowledge.

That being said I would love to see Linux Mint become Debian based simply becasue there is someone now able to do all the hard work for me. Debian is/was my first Linux love. Red Hat 2 taught me tons and for that I am grateful, but it was a hard learning experience. One I do not wish to repeat in my old age.

When Ubuntu switch to that horrible interface they call "Unity" I asked my son immediately, " What distro can I install that has multiple choices for interface, is steady as a rock and just works immediately after install with no or at least minimal fuss." He responded "Linux Mint" immediately with no hesitation at all. So I tried LM. I still have it running on my laptop which is WAY over powered for it--MSI gaming laptop-but it is the ONLY Linux distro I have ever installed that "just worked" without any fuss with video or sound cards. Even Ubuntu gave me issue with my preferred Nvidia graphics adaptors.

If the LM developers can make that happen with a Debian base I'm all in!!

Martin_Ziegler 4 years ago

I dont promote this idea, because of the combability with games for linux.
Almost all Games using Steam are only released for ubuntu.
If these games are running on Debian-based Mint too, I'd promote tis idea.

Nix280 4 years ago

Debian all the way. I'm very happy that the Linux Mint main edition is now based on Ubuntu LTS and the LMDE is now based on Debian Stable, however I think it could be even better if developer time was strictly targeted at Debian Stable instead of Ubuntu and Debian. LM is the top average user desktop oriented Linux distribution of all time, why not break grounds even faster?

rmouthaan 4 years ago

I like the idea too. Why double clutching with Ubuntu which also derives from Debian. I love to see a stable debian with Cinnamon as my desk.

openfred 5 years ago

Good idea
2 versions based on Mint: stable and testing
If no more time is spent on Ubuntu, time may be use to concentrate on Debian.
LMDE based on stable (Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, KDE)
LMDE based on testing, with update packs (Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, KDE)

randysvh 5 years ago

I liked the idea, but my experience with LMDE was not good enough to share it with my customers and novice users so I would only support this if an improvement over the base debian can be as solid as has been found in Ubuntu versions of the past. Stability is my main concern and the ability to share the OS with a novice without concern of a crash, or issue with a program working or not. The big advantages using debian alone is that it is far lighter and the rolling releases. I like the stability and solid releases of the Ubuntu base, just do not like the bloating.

DestinFaroda 5 years ago

Debian has the advantage of being a rolling release distro which means constant updates instead of constantly installing new versions from DVDs.
Besides, leaving the broken Ubuntu base behind means that Clem and Co. can fully concentrate on one distribution -> Debian. Shouldn't that make things easier?

Danielbrazilian 5 years ago

If linux mint use Debian stable as base providing the latest kernel and ATI/Nvidia drivers from mint repositories we would become better than ubuntu at all so i promote this idea 100%!

JohnRG 5 years ago

I suspect this is a good idea and support the idea, mainly as it means not basing Mint on a base that is based on something else. This has been stated by others as well. Ubuntu is based on Debian; Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu.

However, ONLY do this if the current desktop environments continue to be supported. I made one attempt to use LMDE, then discoved the team had dropped XFCE support.

DrakeMint 6 years ago

I stated it recently on a topic at the LMDE forum, LMDE is ROCK SOLID.
It has 'minor' rough edges, and if the team could close the gap, which could be done i suspect, then there's a nr-1 position to be taken on the Distro Land, at least in my humble opinion, as I'm not a developer.
While Steam-OS is working towards a game solution on a Debian base, this could certainly mean passing the final-frontier for Win users also.

grungy_me 6 years ago

I would totally like to see this. Independence from Ubuntu which could care less about the community and doesn't directly support helping Debian grow and progress. And I despise the now shortened supported time releases of nine months. I'd much prefer to have a rolling release based on Debian unstable so it works with newer hardware, that is updated regularly. The current Mint Debian edition is nice, but is not quite there in terms of feature parity and ease of use that the Ubuntu based editions have. And it is not updated regularly.

blaine00 6 years ago

I'm currently using LMDE, and I love it... but it isn't quite up to the standards of the Ubuntu version as far as ease of use goes. I think if the team could close the gap in usability, and make the updates more reliable (I had to do research to find out how to install UP7 without breaking my system... which is why I don't currently recommend it to noobs) I think this would be a great idea. They are nearly there.

dougpess 6 years ago

if with packages debian stable and newer kernel, alright.

enroxorz 6 years ago

I think moving away from Ubuntu, especially since Mir is around the corner, is the best route for LM.

suaefar 6 years ago

++ stability is the reason why i switched from ubuntu 12.10 to LMDE :)

opencoder 7 years ago

i'm opposed to stability, i'm for progress. only ubuntu-based.
debian is good grandfather.