Add "Open containing folder" on search result screen in nautilus/nemo

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

It's just a paste from Ubuntu idea #12628 (
when you have used search to find a file in nautilus you can (like in WinXp) right click and open containing folder. as it stands i have to go in properties and find where it is then copy and paste this into the address bar.

I have created my own script with nautilus-actions for the moment.
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laex 5 years ago

isn't this implemented already? works here on LM17.1/Nemo2.4.5...

One addition: The file could then be highlighted/selected in the "containing folder"...

FransEZ-man 5 years ago

Yes, context specific operation/behaviour in Nemo would be perfect.

aloysius 6 years ago

Yes, I'd love to have it back.

Thinker 7 years ago

Although we can open the folder containing that item by opening the required folder in new tab and then moving one folder level up but still the option you mentioned would be very handy. So promoting this idea.

MiLeon 7 years ago

Promote. I miss that many times

ElHaj 7 years ago

:) get it, thanks, and yes that would be helpful.

gt106 7 years ago

You have absolutely right but only for folders, not for files.

ElHaj 7 years ago

not sure if I'm missing something, but Mint 13 Cinnamon, I tried a search and I can open the result in new window/tab.

gt106 7 years ago

Sorry, I did not mean that. Nautilus is much better than microsoft windows explorer in many cases.

But this little option is missing, for me and others.

ElHaj 7 years ago

in XP one cannot open a new "tab" in explorer

geoffm 7 years ago

Indeed, Dolphin works better than all other filebrowsers in a lot of ways

gt106 7 years ago

"I use LM13 KDE and this already works in Dolphin."

Gnome and Nautilus have some limitations!
Cinnamon and Nemo might be able to correct that.

aegeas 7 years ago

I use LM13 KDE and this already works in Dolphin.