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 UbuntuOne for Mint

Created 8 years ago, edited 8 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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How about something like UbuntuOne is made for Linux Mint?


6 years ago

Theres no need for something new. Ubuntuone works fine 0
on Mint 14 / Nadja 64 Bit also. I installed it this way:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuone/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt ubuntuone-client

I found the startup icon in the menu "preferences" on 64 Bit, on 32 Bit in System tools --> System settings.

Thx to baqlivo whose link gave me the right idea.
6 years ago

As others have already said,Mint doesn't have the resources to create a cloud.
I'm marking this idea as "Rejected"
6 years ago

In Lm11 (Katia) U1 menu is under "parameters" tag in main menu. Alternatively, select All and try searching


Open terminal and type "ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk"
6 years ago

I have it installed, but how I put the files to share there please? In ubuntu it was right-mouse-clic and there was an option. Here it isn't something like this :-/ Thanks!  
7 years ago

To use ubnuntu one on LM 12, firt I install ubuntuone-client-gnome. That didn't work. So I install ubuntuone-control-panel and ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk too, and it works.
Good luck
7 years ago

I use Linux Mint 12 and I solved following this link
7 years ago

It installs correctly but i cant run it... No launcher and dont know which name to use in terminal!  
7 years ago

yes we really need that :(  
7 years ago

Gpig, Ubuntu One is a Cloud Service that allows you to sync files across multiple computers via Internet. - A lot like Drop Box. I started using it with Tomboy Notes. I can create a note on one desktop at home, and long onto another one (an hour, week, year) later, and pull down my notes. Others use it for the Music Service. Or other files they'd like to sync. You can read up on it here:
8 years ago

Like remoulder said, there just isn't the infrastructure for an independent cloud for Mint. There are however plenty of commercial offerings you can use. Me, I don't want my data on other peoples servers where I don't have control over it.

I think Cloud is a solution searching for a problem, probably over hyped and therefore of little value to the normal computer user. (I can see where a company could deploy their own cloud and find it beneficial in terms of centralised file systems, even a few individuals who spend time away from home.) Surely applications will always run faster if installed on the computer using it and even the smallest of home computers (and laptops) have the memory to cope?
8 years ago

I actually haven't been able to get it working correctly in Mint.  
8 years ago

You can use UbuntuOne in Mint just fine, just install ubuntuone-client-gnome from the Package Mnager and it works exactly the same as in Ubuntu.  
8 years ago

The mint team are not a large commercial organization like Canonical, I doubt they have the resources to create their own cloud.  
8 years ago

I will bite, what is UbuntuOne? Ubuntu tu is a fine distro but I am not that familiar with all of its features as a Mint user.  

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