"Husse Solutions Room" for the community site

  9 years ago

I think it might be nice to take all the various solutions that Husse gave to so many of us and put them all in one searchable place, tab? or "room." In my head, I am visualising a "room" (place) where one can search by edition and by 'subject tag'. For example, I am running Gloria and am having trouble with a usb cable that is not correctly mounting (taken from an issue I had with Karma lol)

I could click on a Gloria link and search a tag cloud, to click on tag 'usb' and from there maybe search the solutions (or better yet, have more tags to narrow down my choices, such as mounting, unmounting, user permissions, etc.). For some issues, like video cards, perhaps there could be a section of manufacturer tags as I have heard there are specific issues with specific video cards..(sorry I am seeing endless organising possibilities here)...and then having Husse's solutions all laid out with step by step instructions...mabye a "Ask Husse your question here" search box?

okay that might be quite the challenge, but it's a thought anyway; this may be a bit disjointed due to lack of sleep..if anyone can translate this idea better, feel free lol

All I know is, Husse helped me and countless others; it would be great if he could keep on doing it :)

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RayWoods 7 years ago

Why not, in deed.

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Elisa 9 years ago

Husse was cool, RIP ;-|