give LMDE names too :)

  9 years ago

ubuntu based Mint has names, give lmde version names to, when new DE envirement comes and big changes to LMDE give it names. but when port new software give it numbers like update pack, to maintain repository more especialy populair programms like thunderbird chome etc..

or new software, when new DE, and other bigger changes a new name and update pack begint with 1 :)

to maintain de repository more and more...
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heiowge 8 years ago

Perhaps we could give it blokey names. Like Andy, Barry, Chris, Dave, Eric etc. Make up for the girly names in the main edition.

ringo32 9 years ago

Debian Testing is not rolling anymore or you used Debian Cut ...

ITs not bad, te 201204 gives only when the Iso is made .. and personally i give more prospective to mintification the LMDE, :) i hope that future more mainting mayby with a side Repository, more like a Community repository for voting to put new versions on it, its not the base you might update but a fresh tunderbird chromium such a base programms do a lot... and give a OS more proêr face!, that cycle rolling is nog a problem when stable, and lmde is Stable ... i know every distro has unstablity even ubuntu... lets the update packs more pointing the Repo version..... NAme for a new BAse like a new xfce or someting ..

Mintification 9 years ago

I understand now; thanks @Alexio :D

Alexio 9 years ago

@Mintification - The latest LMDE ISO name is "201204" and the latest update pack is "UP5". For each update pack (U.P.) we may give a proper name. Also, this may apply for each LMDE ISO with a specific U.P. inregrated. I am promoting this idea ;)

Mintification 9 years ago

Sorry, but I'm not sure I completely understand - Debian is a rolling release; how are names going to be applied effectively?

ringo32 9 years ago

LMDE is a good OS , a new DE would have problem , and give a new name just a fresh face, this idea is just the way it works... And its not that that LMDE must rip off Debian testing, but a second repository, for a community put in.... you dont always have to folow the testing.. Mint is Mint and dont has to follow... but as user you could put software in with votes... like that, further lmde drives wel here, stable, but give it more Mint face, its like a tradition... you could then maintaint things further.... some softwae get pretty old on my feeling it has mayby to do with frezing from wheezy... but is for the positive, An OS is not always stable it evoluate to be stable.... LMDE could grow but staying on a safe pad will take regression..

ringo32 9 years ago

its just to maintain faster the repository... when it role out then even the repo is quite old