Print screen dialog when pressing the PrtScr button

  7 years ago

As discussed here:

Currently in Cinnamon, when pressing the print screen (PrtScr) button on the keyboard, it will secretly save a screenshot to the 'Pictures' folder without notifying the user.

This makes it very confusing as users will generally assume one of two things will happen when they press PrtScr

1. A message dialog will appear asking them where to save it.
2. The image will be copied to clipboard

Currently neither happens.

Solution: Assign the PrtScr shortcut to launch the gnome-screenshot 'save screenshot' dialog (you can view this by going to Menu>Accessories>Screenshot>Take Screenshot). This notifies the user where to save the image and gives the option to copy to clipboard.
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Kobalt 4 years ago

This is very interesting. Coming from Windows I realized that PtrScr never worked (I couldn't paste a screen to any graphic program) and just on guessing I tried Crtl + PrtScr which worked quite well.

Only this idea made me inspect my "pictures" folder and voila, all the try out screenshots (PtrScr without Ctrl) are here.

Maybe there should be kind of clarification on first PrtScr with the option to choose a program to connect with (for direct paste) and to enable/disable notification.

RedGhost 6 years ago

I would also request the selection option 'select area to grab' option as I find I need only clips of sections and right now I either have to open the automatically full screen screenshot in Gimp and edit or start the Screen Shot app form Menu to access this option which not convienient to my workflow. ( I was frustrated and did a search and found this request that is how bad it bugged me :D )

ElHaj 7 years ago

how about:

as shared by @joelz "always get a dialogue box pop up every time I press PrntScrn" but a dialogue that doesn't need confirmation like when connecting to the internet

as shared by @Nooby4Ever an option to modify the default behavior like save to another location or capture active window instead of full screan

Mintification 7 years ago

I'm not using Cinnamon personally, but believe it's a great idea for any DE. Promoting :)

Brucey99 7 years ago

I'm not proposing anything drastically new. showing a dialog is the default action for most desktop environments, including unity, mate and earlier cinnamon versions I believe.

When a user first presses PrntSrn, how are they supposed to know where the image was saved to? It's not very user friendly to do an action without notifying the user. It would be even better to have a dialog asking the user want they want to do automatically next time. eg. auto save to pictures folder or copy to clipboard. This would solve your issue @timpster.

Brucey99 7 years ago

This is only related to Cinnamon (I have 1.6)

joelz 7 years ago

your idea is strange because when I use cinnamon I always get a dialogue box pop up every time I press PrntScrn.
in Lisa, the image is copied to the clipboard without notifying the user.

Nooby4Ever 7 years ago

This is a cinnamon issue not a linux mint issue.

As for the request itself, i would like to see this in the setting of cinnamon.
For example a checkbox for:
*save prnt scrn to clipboard
*save prnt scrn to file

It's not necessary to pop the dialog every time you press prnt scrn, it will probably be annoying after a while.

Brucey99 7 years ago

What? This isn't a tutorial, it's a feature change/request.

remoulder 7 years ago

Tutorials should be posted in that section not here.