Use systemd for the next version of LMDE

  10 years ago

What the title says.

Tried it, had no problems.
It's really faster.
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dyfet 10 years ago

It should be very possible to introduce systemd cleanly into wheezy/testing/lmde with just a couple of diverts; one for the nfs lsb init file problem; and one for /etc/default/grub so one can have a new grub default that uses systemd for init=. Using diverts in a systemd specific adjustment package, one could then also pull out systemd cleanly later, too, if needed, such as for if it happens later that jessie does replace sysv init with systemd for default installs.

stibbard 10 years ago

Agree with larmi -

aegeas 10 years ago

I'm testing Cinnarch, on a partition of one of my HDDs, and it boots really fast.

larmi 10 years ago

arch linux moved already to systemd
and here is detailed reasons for move:
so why not ? parallelization capabilities gives nice speedup!

LexMK 10 years ago

I thought of posting a similar idea for Wayland, should I?

aegeas 10 years ago

I fully agree with this idea.

quake0 10 years ago

I think gnome 3.8 makes this necessary by default. So most likely this idea will be installed in Ubuntu 13.04 and their for mint 15 regardless of how we vote on this. So yeah I promote.