new website

  7 years ago
  Under dev. review

a refreshed website would not hurt ;)
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Knackigkurz 4 years ago

especially the speed of loading a comment should be faster.

greench 7 years ago

I can help you to build a new one for free.

Duff 7 years ago

Yeah, we need a face wash, promote! (Don't forget priority to the distro and the community).

Alexio 7 years ago

You may find interesting two related websites: the Linux Mint Tumblr and the Linux Mint Community Videos website.

goodspeed 7 years ago

@seneg I agree with your analysis

seneq 7 years ago

The website has great information on it . Everything you need is there , but the design is a bit to complicated. I think a fresh / cleaner design would help it atract more useres and also make it look more profesional.

aegeas 7 years ago

I agree !!!!

KOLEGA 7 years ago

Agree, i think that redesigning the main website'll be very good.